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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Social Media Algorithms & More

Music Think Tank (primary) RSS / 2/22/2020 9:00:30 AM

Wassim Awess | How Important Are Social Media Algorithm Updates For Musicians? Sam Bowman | The Rise And Evolution Of Ambient Music: New Forms And Applications Maryn Mcdonnell | Recommended Vehicles For Musicians To Use During Music Tours Gary Wayne | 4 Mental Health Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument

SEO For Musicians

Music Think Tank (primary) RSS / 12/1/2020 3:22:06 PM

SEO is the process of making your content visible and appealing to search engines such as Google. The acronym stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and it is exactly that. SEO is an art of optimising your content so that it will rank high on search results and bring you in organic traffic, which is traffic you don’t have to pay for! SEO can be very useful for musicians, as it can for most busin...

The Straw: A Singer's Best Friend

Music Think Tank (primary) RSS / 1/9/2022 5:34:30 AM

Have you ever tried singing through a straw? Today I introduce you to Voice Therapist extraordinaire, Mary Hanson, who will share why straw exercises are so effective, and how to do them properly. 1. Let’s start super basic - what does phonation mean? What is a straw phonation? Straw phonation is what it sounds like! Really this means that you are “phonating” (i.e., making sound) through the stra...