How Does It Work?

Content Curators

A content curator can brand the Feed Flow System to deliver intelligent content to existing and new clients. Curators control feed sources, filter settings, and pricing of their Flows. Feed Flows maintains the infrastructure, supports the plug-ins and widgets, and markets their content online.

I want to provide industry content and deliver intelligent Feed Flows to my clients

  1. Fill out our Content Curator Application.
    A Feed Flow Content Curator is an account that selects the sources to be filtered, and sets the artificial intelligence controls to score the content specific to their industry.

  2. Enter your Feed Sources
    Our system allows a simple interface to pull public and private RSS, Json, XML, Atom, and other structured data feeds into our common format.

  3. Set your Artificial Intelligence filters
    We will train your staff how the system learns from your articles and user behavior to score each article. You choose how much value each filter has per category. Default filters include keyword, trending, analytics, feed source, and location.

  4. Set Pricing and Sign Up Options
    All pricing of Feed Flows is based on number of feeds, articles, clients, and usage. You can choose to let your clients self-serve by signing up online, or control your client list privately from our web interface.

  5. Enjoy a positive Return on Investment
    Our pricing is affordable, and allows you to see a return on investment by providing a new and valuable service to your clients. You can bundle this service with existing marketing initiatives, or allow a stand alone product that will practically run itself.