$35 per month

  • 3-5 Curated Topics
  • up to 60,000 usage calls per month
  • Support and maintenance of Plug-ins and widgets
  • Automated and manual postings to social media
  • Automated SMS and Emailed Feeds
  • Usage Analytics
  • 1 authorized domain name per flow
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Additional Topic

As needed


Additional Usage

for each 5,000 usage

Become a Curator

If you are an industry thought leader, and want to provide intelligent curated content to your own clients with your brand, you can become a Feed Flows Content Curator. We provide complete infrastructure and maintenance, intelligent filters, widgets and code snippets, training, and support of the Feed Flow system. You help identify the most valued sources in your industry, and provide a branded value-add service to your clients.

Apply to be Content Curator

Each curator is qualified as a thought leader in their industry and trained on the Feed Flows system. Call for pricing.