How Does It Work?

Building your online presence

Feed Flows delivers logical and useful "flows" of topic related content directly to your website and social media increasing user engagement and thought leadership.

I want supplemental content to compliment my brand and online presence

  1. Contact us about our valued Content Curators.
    A Feed Flow Content Curator is an account that selects the sources to be filtered, and sets the artificial intelligence controls to score the content specific to their industry.

  2. Sign up online for one or more specific filtered categories.
    Each Feed Flow Content Curator determines the categories to share. You can de-select any article from their Flow and like and dislike articles to help teach the system what you want to see.

  3. Follow simple setup instructions for your Feed Flow(s)
    Enter your email, copy a code snippet for your website, and/or authorize your social media accounts for your Feed Flows. The Feed Flows system learns what you and your users engage with most to provide the most relevant content specific for you. See some example of a Feed Flow
  4. Enjoy your increased knowledge and online presence
    Your intelligent Feed Flows will increase user engagement, and keep you up to date on the latest in your specific industry